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The Sean Hawley Memorial Fund

The Sean Hawley Memorial Fund
November 4, 2021

Pet's Best Friend Veterinary Hospital, Vetcor, family, friends and the veterinary community has lost an extremely special veterinary technician in July of 2020. I am finally posting this notice now because it is imperative that he be remembered for his dedication to the veterinary profession. On a very personal level, I am still processing Sean's passing. The senselessness of such loss- a young man who had great potential. One who had much left to offer the world.

Sean is thought of often by the staff, we call family, at Pets Best Friend- But this also extends to our clients who trusted him to care for their pets whether it was for a wellness/sick visit or even for a routine nail trim. He was always going above and beyond his expectations.

In addition to recognizing Sean's dedication to the veterinary field, I am also posting this announcement because it was recently his one-year anniversary passing and it would have been his 32nd birthday in November. Furthermore, technician appreciation week is approaching and the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. I can picture his beautiful smile whenever he was praised; especially during technician appreciation week. A smile from ear to ear noshing on all the goodies we would receive during that week!!

Covid has particularly affected our profession in a very challenging manner: lengthy work hours, staffing shortfalls, an increased demand for appointments, emergency hospitals turning away clients, frustrated clients, extended wait times, miscommunications and physical and emotional burnout. In the grand scheme of his life challenges, I cannot help to think that somehow these life alterations could have factored in his passing.

I made a promise to my special friend that he would never be forgotten long before his life was cut short. He was not going to be just another number. He was such a kind, loving and caring person. Sean loved animals and was devoted to ensuring they received the best care possible each and every day. This was just one of the many gifts he gave to the world and our furry friends.

To that extent, I thought for many months how to best remember my friend and our colleague: I established The Sean Hawley Memorial Fund. When I began this fund, I intended it to be a quiet event to honor my friend. However, given the overwhelming challenges our profession has faced over the last 1 ½ years (since COVID), I have decided to go public.

The goal is for the fund to acquire $10,000. Once this amount is attained, the fund will become endowed, meaning it will be self-funding for life. This is the best gift I can give to my friend- remembrance for life!

Sean attended Manor College and afterwards earned the title Certified Veterinary Technician. Contributions should be made directly to The Sean Hawley Memorial Fund at Manor College.

With The Utmost Thank You,

Sean Hoffman, COS